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Being Vs. Being a Wannabe

Being Vs. Being a Wannabe

I know Fitbits are fun and everything but maybe you want to get rid of them. Ok, it’s not just Fitbits I’m getting at it’s all the counting that goes along with exercise - more accurately outcome-oriented exercise. Counting calories, counting steps….in order to get to a ‘better you’.

Ok, so imagine you’re in your perfect body. A body that looks great, feels great and performs to it’s highest potential…oh and you’re happy. Now think about this - do you think that person counts how many steps they do each day or calories they eat in a meal. No, that’s for plebs.

Ok analogy 2… it’s kind of like a rich person, the type of rich person you imagine that doesn’t count their money. They don’t count what they spend on lunch, or dinner. Now, contrast that to someone on minimum wage who’s budgeting and counting everything. I guess my point in a really un-PC way is, if you have an unlimited budget you don’t have to think about these things, you don’t have to count…and no counting means you’re a baller.

So just like the rich person doesn’t count their money - as you get better at training it’s like increasing your net worth. That means you don’t need to count.

Take me for example, I started lifting 16kg Kettlebells and now 5 years on I lift 2 x 32kg bells when I train. That’s 4x the original weight. So, the amount of volume I do in one workout today is equal to 4 workouts when I first started. Yes, I get the irony that I’m counting, BUT - here’s the point

Getting better at training is like being paid more per hour. Your body performs better and better each time - but you’re not counting anything because it’s not about the outcome. You’re investing in the process.

So F**k Fitbits, calorie counting …or waiting for the result. If you do that it’ll never happen. It’s about loving the process. Be a baller, don’t count.

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