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Visit to purchase our professional grade kettlebells and workout gear.


Due to current restrictions we have had to close our physical location @100Strong.

To continue to service the public we are currently offering mobile personal training sessions, where we bring the equipment to you and train you at your home or outdoor location of choice.

We have also been putting more energy into our online services. Thru the TrueCoach app we can provide you with personalised programs and training from home using video coaching for feedback. We also provide ongoing nutrition and lifestyle guidance for weight loss, sports performance and general healthy living thru precision nutrition based education.

Current prices:

Private training sessions @90 per hour and @70 for 45 minutes

Online coaching @80 per week for progressive training program + precision nutrition coaching or @45 per week for training program only

CURRENT SPECIAL OFFER @80 per week membership which includes 1x45m PT per week and online coaching for the rest of the week done thru the TrueCoach app

As always our training is modified and designed for the individual, because we have no interest in generic exercise and are only interested in producing the highest quality and most sustainable results.

Thank you and take care

Antoni Stojak @100Strong


[email protected]


100Strong is an independently owned fitness studio in the heart of Manly. We’re a little different to most gyms you’ll encounter – there’s no fancy equipment, no flattering mirrors, no cheesy ad campaign. What we do have: a unique approach to strength training that’s intelligent, efficient and unbelievably effective.

We’ve stripped back strength training to its purest form, supporting classic techniques with cutting-edge information on physiology and movement. For you, this means achieving your goals faster – whether you want to build muscle, improve your sporting performance, gain better posture, or just become one of those people who look annoyingly good in a pair of shorts.


100Strong approach is based around the idea of shared personal training. Don’t confuse this with group training – it’s not the same thing. Unlike the usual boot camp or class situations, our sessions are small and personal. With a maximum of six people in the room, everyone gets a personalised program, and one-on-one time with their trainer. Basically, it gives you the perks of a personal trainer, without the usual expense (although if you prefer one-on-one, we offer that too).


To the untrained eye, our studio may look a little minimal. But don’t be alarmed, we have everything you need to train get the results you want to get, from fat loss to flexibility. Despite what so-called fitness gurus may claim, getting fit doesn’t require overpriced activewear, mysterious supplements, or expensive apparatus. You just need a few kettlebells, perhaps a barbell or a medicine ball, maybe a yoga mat. Oh, and the important bit: a highly qualified trainer watching you like a hawk. And rest assured, we definitely deliver on that front.



100Strong isn't for everyone. But if you’re fed up with the insincerity of commercial gyms – or you don’t feel comfortable in that environment – our more personal, down-to-earth approach could be just the right fit. Similarly if you’re training hard but not seeing results (is there anything more annoying?), or you need an exercise program that’s tailored to address a specific issue (past injury, post-baby body, training for a marathon, stuff like that).

Our clients are a pretty diverse bunch: everyone from corporate high-flyers and entrepreneurs, to stay-at-home mums and over 55s. What we do all share: an appreciation of how fitness can improve how we live (not just how we look). We also agree that there’s no point having a fit body if you have a lazy, flaccid mind, so there’s often some challenging conversation to go with the weightlifting!

Sound like that’s up your alley? Drop us a line to chat or arrange a session.