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Ketacademy certification with Ivan Denisov

Ketacademy certification with Ivan Denisov

24, 25 March 2018

Join us for the first official Ketacademy Kettlebell sport and cross fitness certification in Australia with absolute world champion and record holder Ivan Denisov.

Two days of lifting, learning, laughter and the most advanced technique and up to date training protocols that are producing the current male and female champions and world record holders of Russia.

Day 1 - Introduction to Kettlebell sport

Introduction to kettlebell lifting

Theory of basic kettlebell exercise: Jerk, Snatch, Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk).

Practice of Jerk, Snatch, Long Cycle.

These techniques will allow you master efficiency in strength endurance and often leads to a double, triple or even quadruple the number of reps you can perform within weeks of training. A must for any CrossFit, Kettlebell sport or sports specific trainer who wants an edge over the competition.

Learn world class assistance exercises and mobility and cardio sequences.


Learn how to back your competitive lifts up by strengthening weak muscle groups, correcting imbalances and removing the lack of mobility that can act as roadblocks toward strength gain.


Learn how to apply the efficiency and breathing techniques learned in other sports, such as CrossFit and martial arts.


Flexibility and its role in good technique. Learn how to remove all flexibility roadblocks and gain mobility.

Day 2 - Kettlebell advanced techniques and practice

Kettlebell exercise practice and advanced technique

Get 100’s or possibly 1000’s of reps under your belt. This will reinforce correct technique learned on day one and instil confidence in your weightlifting.

Learn proven rules for creating a competitive training program. Learn how to create a program for anyone from average Joe thru to a world-class athlete. Also, learn how to structure your programs in a way that will maximise results whilst managing fatigue/overtraining.

Optimal breathing technique. Learn the difference between anatomical breathing, power breathing and how anatomical breathing can maximise oxygenation of your body to increase endurance.

Physical qualities and their combinations. Learn about physical qualities like strength, endurance, speed and more. Learn how to combine and simultaneously increase both.


Theory and practice of advanced assistance exercises: preparatory, auxiliary and kettlebell lifting.


Understanding adaptation and training. Learn how and why your body adapts and responds to training and why correct technique and programming matters.


Types of training and their use for physical qualities(eg maximal strength, hypertrophy, strength endurance etc).


Competition mindset.

Optional certification

Based on experience level and skill level shown during the seminar you can receive your Kettlebell Sport Instructor Level 1 certification.

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